Every Space Camper comes with the following features to take your Cybertruck’s outdoor performance to a whole new level. We put the time in to thoughtfully engineer simple, functional, and robust parts that won’t let you down.

Exhaust Vent

Helps moisture escape when cooking, boiling water, or taking a hot shower. Pair with our fan accessory for additional flow.

Keyless Entry

Rear hatch latches lock automatically when pushed closed and open upon lowering the tailgate partially.


Pneumatic cylinders drive your roof and bed, so you don’t have to worry about straining yourself or balancing roof loads.

Roof Runners

Built with a universal L-track for endless customizations. Choose from our roof accessories or add on your own.

Adjustable Backrest

Your bed comes with an adjustable backrest so you can change your position to whatever’s most comfortable.

An integrated bed step allow for easy access to your bed.
Bed Steps

Built-in steps on both your camper’s side walls make for easy bed access.

The bed detaches to become a table
Detachable Bed

Our Murphy Style bed rests on detachable hinges to quickly convert into an exterior table.

Adjustable Awning

Take in what's around you while being protected from the elements. You can set your durable awning to any height or angle.

The bed extensions become benches and worksurfaces
Versatile Extensions

Our multifunctional extensions are easily stored at the foot of your bed and double as tables and benches.

Four electrical outlets are tucked out of the way and provide power to your gizmos.
Electrical Outlets

Your camper comes with four electrical outlets, USB, and 12V/24V ports. Power your coffee pot, phone charger, speakers, etc.

Telescoping lockout bars provide failsafe protection from the roof closing.
Lockout Bars

Our telescoping lockout bars offer a second layer of defense to ensure your safety and peace of mind in windy conditions.

Touch sensitive buttons dim interior and exterior lights independently.
Dimmable Touch LEDs

Our interior and exterior light switches are touch activated, fully dimmable, and will remember your previous brightness level.

Hidden routing pathways allow for easy installation of electrical and plumbing lines unaobtrusively.
Routing Pathways

Out-of-sight routing pathways allow you to run wires and plumbing to your accessories efficiently with minimal modifications.

Roof Step

Tailgate button access tunnels double as steps for easy access to your camper's roof.

There is plenty of storage in the walls of your space camper
Wall Storage

Ample storage allows for organization on the go and doubles as recessed mounting areas for our accessory kits.