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Features FAQs

You’ll unlatch the roof and flip a switch. Air actuators raise your camper in 30 seconds or less. To finish things off, you roll down the front tent wall and strap it to the truck tailgate. Zip it closed and you’re camping. Set up time will be less than 5 min.

The rear hatch of both our campers and truck caps come with spring loaded latches that lock automatically when closed. To free the hatch, you’ll lower the tailgate partially. This feature allows you to lock and access your Space Camper without need for additional keys. This is by design since your truck will not require you to carry keys.

Yes. Your Space Camper provides full access to your truck bed. No compromise necessary. 

Breakdown camp by making sure all items are off the bed area and flip a switch. Air will escape the air actuators and collapse the tent. Break down time will be less than 5 min.

You’ll be able to reach a button to lower or raise your tailgate through tunnels built into your Space Camper.

Space Campers integrates with your Cybertruck’s existing battery to power everything and anything. This includes your camper’s dimmable lights, a cell phone charger, your induction cooktops, and much more.

The impact on range will be highly variable based on how you use your vehicle. For most people, this won’t be an issue. If you plan to frequently commute at freeway speeds, we offer simple offload solutions.

No modifications to your truck are required.

Pricing FAQs

The presale price for our wedge-style camper is $24,000 excluding accessories and upgrades. You have the option to add on stainless steel armor and purchase accessories individually.

Pricing for our truck caps will be available soon. 

Yes. Your deposit is refundable up until the point of final payment. A 3% transaction fee will be deducted from your return if you used a credit card to cover your deposit. Learn more by visiting our Refund Policy.

The purchase of your Space Camper includes a 2 year warranty that covers all components and parts. Damage caused by accident or misuse of the camper is not covered. See Terms of Service for more details.

Nope. The purchase of a Space Camper does not include the Cybertruck.

You can join the waitlist for The Cap. No deposit required. Production coming 2024. 

Fulfillment FAQs

Once we receive final dimensions from Tesla, we anticipate having our first production units ready for fulfillment in 4 months. Orders will be fulfilled first-come, first-serve with early-access to presale buyers. 

Every Space Camper is designed and assembled on the Central Coast of California.

We offer free installation at our headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California. Located just north of Santa Barbara and south of Big Sur, it’s an amazing place to take your new camper out for a test drive.

Yes. We will offer freight shipping at an additional charge based on your location if you’re unable to make the trip to the Central Coast. For more information, visit our Shipping Policy.

Installation is simple. Tighten a few clamps, connect your pre-built air and electric harnesses and you’re ready to go.

The base weight of your wedge camper is 470 lbs. Removing your bed reduces weight down to 430 lbs for installation. Upgrading to stainless steel armor will add 130 lbs. 

Tesla has added mounting points to the Cybertruck’s roof for third-party add-ons like ourselves. No modifications to your truck are required.

Our reservations are fully refundable and stake your place in line for order fulfillment. If we get to your order and you’re still waiting on the Cybertruck, we’ll hold your place in our queue. We’ll then wait for you to get in touch when your truck’s ready for a camper or cap.

Customization FAQs

Yes, we’ll be offering multiple options for solar. You’ll be able to add panels directly to your roof rails or integrate them into your rack.

Absolutely. The Tesla kitchenette fits seamlessly with your Space Camper. Our spacious build allows you to stand comfortably even with the kitchenette installed.

We’re still waiting on final specs to guarantee full-functionality of your tonneau cover.

Not quite. We hope it’s very close, but we can’t guarantee anything until final specifications are released for the truck. We plan to make minimal changes and will be transparent with our customers about any necessary modifications.

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You can reach the Space Campers support team at (805) 242-1428