Space Campers Crowdfund

Space Campers Crowdfund

Prototype Camper in Woods on Cybertruck


Every camper comes with the following features to take your Cybertruck’s outdoor performance to a whole new level. We put the time in to thoughtfully engineer simple, functional, and robust parts that won’t let you down.


Your camper comes standard with a black gel coat finish that pairs nicely with the Cybertruck’s matte black option. Add stainless steel armor for additional durability and heat shielding. Click through and select your style.


  • Compatible with your truck’s heavy hitting-battery pack for weeks of auxiliary camping power.
  • Equipped with four 110V outlets, USB ports, and 12V/24V connections for accessorizing.
  • 470 lbs base weight, 430 lbs install weight upon removing your bed.
  • Ceiling height of 8 ft at camper’s high-side, 6ft at low-side.
  • 4 inch memory foam mattress big enough for two.


Scale up with our accessories or add your own. Our modular racking system was constructed with a universal L-track so you can load your racks and cargo boxes. Ready for your boards, bikes, solar panels, or anything else that floats your boat.