Your Purchase Includes the Following Features:

  • All seasons tent with windows and awning conversion
  • Telescoping awning poles for awning configuration
  • Telescoping lockout bars for failsafe roof support
  • Manual flip up backrest on bed
  • Sidewall cubbies for storage and organization
  • Integrated steps for easy bed access (on each side)
  • Over cab storage cubbies (upgradeable to kitchenette and sink via accessory kits)
  • Interior and exterior dimmable LED lights
  • Independently dimmable detachable reading lights
  • Keyless locking mechanism for advanced security
  • Air actuated detachable murphy bed platform
  • 4” memory foam mattress
  • 120V outlets, Usb, and 12V/24V
  • L-track roof runners
  • Multifunctional bed extensions (qty.2) that double as tables and benches
  • Foam insulation throughout construction to eliminate condensation
  • Integrated steps to roof (on each side)

The Following Accessories Will be Sold Separately:

  • Camp kitchen accessories
  • Shower and bathroom accessories
  • Roof and solar accessories
  • Insulation and comfort accessories.

There are many more accessories on the drawing board that will be available for purchase and free installation with your Space Camper